• DOCUSブランドについて
  • DOCUS」Is, I was born elaborately technology and various ideas so that everyone can handle.
    「Do the customer!」As a creedDOCUSWe propose a。

    DOCUSIt is a golf brand and the craft sales and over 10 years, was born and picking up the voice of the customer。 「I want to make the club that I want to use on your own and also would like to offer products in the user glance rather than real intention manufacturer and sales method and price」I think from the,
    Direct, and powerful and Takumi our manufacturing, club to meet the needs of the user has been produced.

    Leading manufacturers is huge, but because,Opportunity which is in contact with the end-user will tend to bias the opinion of elite golf and some other professional will become less.
    DOCUS Since it is possible to be reflected in the product fresh voice average in contact daily, athletes, young and old alike,
    It has proposed the best match to the customer or to focus on appearance, it is not seized with features such as excessive, to want to really enjoy the golf.
    Do The Customer !「DOCUS」Is derived from, it's a value there is no subject to change.

    DOCUS I recommend it with confidence.