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DOCUS leather belt [Tochigi leather use]

leather belt [Tochigi leather use]


Item No: docusbelt
Price: 20,900 JPY
Point: 190 Pt
Sorry, we are now out of stock.

How to measure the size, we hope the dimension value from the tip of the pin of the buckle
will be in flat belt that you are currently using to the hole to be used.


Material The finest cowhide (Tochigi leather)
Size Please specify when ordering.
[Double also available.]

If the stats of DOCUS is double it will charge ¥ 1,080 plus.
Please consult when ordering the direction of other bespoke correspondence hope.


For Stock

This item is made to order.
It consists of receiving your order and shipping after about 2-3 weeks.
Exchange of such size is not suitable, since returned goods, etc. can not be at all, please choose the size in terms of had you measured the belt of your use.
When it comes to choose pants waist size of plentifully that the size is not suitable.
We recommend the actual size of the belt.
Size, please contact staff in the case of bespoke correspondence hope.
In addition, we will support you if you fill in the remarks column when ordering.


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