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[2018 model]HARAKEN DOCUS Stand bag DCC731

DOCUS Stand Bag DCC731
Product name DCC731 Stand bag
カラー Navy / White
White / Navy
Black / Turquoise
Light Gray / Pink
Material Synthetic leather
Size 8.5 inches
Weight 2.8kg
Frame mouth 6
Accessories 2 point single shoulder belt
4 point double shoulder belt
Special hood cover
Name plate

Item No: dcc731
List Price: 41,040 JPY
Price: 41,040 JPY
Point: 380 Pt
  • DCC731 Color:
1Scheduled for release in mid june:

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HARAKEN【ハラケン】DOCUS【ドゥーカス】スタンドバッグ DCC731

HARAKEN【ハラケン】DOCUS【ドゥーカス】スタンドバッグ DCC731

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